Afro Technologies is an Education Technology startup company that operates on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Afro Technologies is the only company in Ghana that specialises in developing online courses and training content for institutions and individuals.

The Afro LMS stands for Afro Learning Management System. It is a complete suite of software that helps institutions and individuals to mount, manage and run online courses. It is suitable for institutions of higher learning as well as individuals who want to own an online learning or training platform. It comes with endless features that allows administrators to create endless courses, conduct endless quizzes, interact directly with students, monitor student progress etc. We have created this demo to allow you to register and have a feel of the LMS in action. If you are ever in doubt and unsure how to navigate it, please contact and we will be more than happy to give you a guided tour.

No! We create courses for both institutions and individuals. Depending on your needs, we can create a brand new website as a sub domain fully installed with our bespoke LMS to run your courses. If you have your own LMS or hosting platform for your courses, we are happy to just create your online courses for you. Please contact us if you have a special talent or actionable skills you want to teach the world through this email address: 

If you want to us to design and develop your online courses, please reach out to us via any of the contact forms on our website or directly via 

It is all negotiable and depends on the number of courses you want us to design and develop for you. Please reach out to our sales team to discuss your needs. But we guarantee you the most quality and affordable service.

The author(s) of the courses own copyright! Even if we create the course. Therefore, the author(s) is responsible for ensuring that their work is that of their own and not a product of intellectual theft. It is the responsibility of the institution or person we are creating the course(s) for to ensure that he or she has copyright to the content s/he has given us to create courses on

Yes. But until our other company iLearn is launched, (iLearn will be the marketplace for individual authors who want to sell their expertise or skills), we can only create a subdomain for you to host and disseminate your courses.

It all depends on the length of your content and how many courses we are developing for you. 

This is a special package for institutions that require their members to earn points or credits through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training. We have a special package for those institutions to be able to reach their members remotely to undergo these CPD trainings cost-effectively.

Some institutions are regulatory in nature. Simply put, they regulate the work of other institutions. This means that the regulated institutions need to comply with certain standards issued by the regulator. In this instance, we help the regulatory institutions to design courses that help institutions or individuals who are being regulated to be able to know how to comply fully with the standards of the regulator.

Another example is, suppose a bank has introduced a new version of a banking software and requires all employees to know how to use it, we can help design these courses and roll it out for all employees located anywhere in the country to learn how to use the software. This saves the company a ton of money.

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