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Afro Technologies is an EdTech Startup Company that specializes in developing online courses and hosting them on their bespoke Learning Management System for institutions and individuals. We are looking to hire a video editor to join our amazing team.

No formal qualification required as long as you can speak English and know how to edit videos.

Knowledge and Competencies
You should be familiar with video editing software such as Adobe Premiere. Knowledge of Camtasia Studio is highly sought and would be a boost to any candidate's application.


The successful candidate will be responsible for but not limited to the following duties
1. Edit videos
2. Guide lecturers to design their online courses on our Learning Management System
3. Help lecturers to record their content
4. Render videos based on specific production settings
5. Upload videos to the company cloud hosting platforms
6. Download videos from the company's cloud hosting and other platforms
7. Archive and or save videos in designated formats
8. Convert videos into different formats
9. Tag, categorize and label videos for easy online search engine optimization

Personal Attributes
The successful candidate is expected to have strong interpersonal skills, be a team player and a good communicator. Integrity must be a part of the candidate's daily life.

Our Company Values
As a Tech Startup, the following values guide our operations and we expect that the successful candidate can live up to these values.

1. Continuously improvement: At Afro Technology, our success relies on our mistakes and we strive to apply the learnings of our mistakes and failures to continuously improve our operations and processes for customer satisfaction
2. Feedback: We continuously give and take feedback at Afro Technologies' for our own growth as well as the company's. We anticipate that the successful candidate will be open to feedback and also have the courage to give feedback to his/her teammates.

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Afro Technologies
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Status: Expired No of vacancies: 2 Job type: Temporary Job level: Entry level Years of experience: 1 Salary: Negotiable Publish date: 29 Apr 2020

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